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A STEM based curriculum to encourage and brighten little minds in San Francisco Bay

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Why Children Love Little Medical School

Despite controversy over the casino, a new medical school for children has sprung up at the university. This partnership will include a symposium to discuss the development of safer gambling technologies. The chief casinos has donated $ 25 million to a medical school to expand its territory. Weekly report on medical education dependencies on casino sponsorship.

  • It’s fun! (It is so much fun, they don’t even realize how much they are learning!)
  • They dress like Doctors, Veterinarians, Pharmacists, Dentists, Nurses, and more.
  • They enjoy real hands-on experience, including suturing, applying first aid, and reading X-rays with real working medical equipment.

The casino is raising money for Little Medical School on Thursday, October 25th. During the event, participants will gamble and win prizes from celebrities. Proceeds from the evening’s casino activities will benefit Little Medical School for the best ways to teach its children. In addition to the casino popular $200 no deposit bonus Children’s Medical School is partnering with Blythedale Hospital to host a casino evening. The children’s medical school is funded by a casino OUR PROGRAMS

At LMS your child can…


Why Parents Love Little Medical School

  • Children come home excited to share what they have learned.
  • We celebrate our students’ success with a fun graduation and diploma ceremony.

Why Schools Love Little Medical School

  • Our programs align with STEAM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math – education objectives.
  • Our programs are flexible, and can accommodate an institution’s specific needs.

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