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Little Medical School with Cardinals Care at Lewis and Clark Community College

GODFREY, IL (November 18, 2017)– With a Grant received from Cardinals Care, Little Medical School taught a class at Lewis and Clark Community College to children ages 7-12. Local children were very excited to participate in this 3 hour class based off our award-winning Sports Medicine Educational Kit.

The children learned the treatment protocol for an ankle sprain by practicing wrapping it with an ace bandage. They reviewed and made joints of the body through crafts using cups, clay, and popsicle sticks. Another highlight of the class was learning about the Tommy John Surgery; the surgery that baseball pitchers receive on their elbow when the ulnar collateral ligament is injured from too much wear and tear in the elbow.

Before the class, children took a pre-test on the curriculum and scored an average of 58%.  After the class, the students took a post-test and scored a 91% average. From the class, each student took home their own white Little Medical School lab coat and our Sports Medicine Educational Kit.