Wilderness Survival Set


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Product Description:

Adventurous kids can take a hike – and find their very own Big Foot – with this adorable role-play set! Kids use working survival tools, a guided activity booklet, and a map to learn outdoor survival tips and techniques, basic first aid, and more. Complete the tasks and earn a diploma!

Product Features:

  • Adorable gift set includes a premium plush bigfoot doll with an adoption certificate, a  survival tool, an adventure bandana, 10 Essentials for Wilderness Adventures book, an activity map, notes, a booklet, craft sticks, and a diploma
  • STEM-inspired play provides exposure to nature and science
  • Role-play activities can be conducted independently or with a parent or friend
  • Kids can complete the activities again and again to hone their survival skills
  • Encourages empathy, health awareness, imagination, creativity, and problem-solving
  • Designed for children ages six and up


  • Premium plush Bigfoot doll
  • Adoption certificate
  • Survival tool include a compass, emergency whistle, and signal mirror.
  • Bandana
  • Activity Map
  • Activity Booklet
  • Activity Notes
  • 10 Essentials for Wilderness Adventures book
  • Craft sticks
  • Little Medical School® Diploma

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