preschool franchise opportunity

Amazing Things About Our Preschool Franchise.

We are so proud to offer an amazing preschool franchise opportunity to passionate people. Who are looking to provide fun but educational experiences to children. We love our programs for 4,5 and 6-year olds. Children of this age love dress up and role-play. They love to put on white coats, scrub tops, surgical masks, shoe covers, and gloves. Once these preschool children have the look of a doctor or nurse, they engage in age-appropriate activities designed by seasoned early education educators with over 20 plus years in the classroom and a child psychiatrist. Pediatricians, Surgeons, Veterinarians and Dieticians have all contributed to and viewed our amazing preschool franchise programming.

A Rewarding Pre-School Franchising Business with a heart

amazing preschool franchiseOur preschool classes start with a white coat ceremony where they learn the significance of wearing a white coat and become a student of Little Medical School. Our preschool activities are modified from our traditional grade school programming to include more pictures and less written words. Safety is always a concern, especially in this young age group. So we make sure all supplies used are appropriate for age 4 and up. Our amazing preschool franchise programming incorporates stickers, song, yoga and even a specially designed journal book just for our little doctors!

Our franchisees find that teaching these young minds is one of the most rewarding things they provide with Little Medical School. When I teach the preschool classes, I think about the impact I am having. Just think I might be teaching a 4-year-old today who will be in a graduating medical school class of 2042! And to think one of their first inspirations to become a doctor was because our amazing preschool franchise programming! Or we could have a future nurse in the class of 2038 or pharmacist in the class of 2040! Little Medical School is truly a business that has a heart and is making a measurable impact on the communities we serve!