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Three Fun Ways To Teach Kids The Human Body

At one point, kids will be curious about their bodies, its different parts and how it actually works. This will be the perfect time for these learners to appreciate their amazing bodies. However, teaching human anatomy and body systems could get quite tricky, and teachers could be intimidated on how they could effectively teach body…

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How Animals Help Build a Child’s Character

Young children build their view of the world and develop their core values in different ways – from imitating adults to their interactions with animals. But even though students may have a knack for handling or taking care of animals which may have fascinated them, it is not enough to just let them interact with…

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Three Reasons Why Kids Should Know Animal Body Language

In psychologist Elizabeth Anderson’s book The Powerful Bond Between People and Pets, she wrote that “Nothing less than alchemy is involved when animals and children get together, and the resulting magic has healing properties that work well.”  Nurturing the relationship between animals and kids could bring many positive outcomes, but before these fruitful relationships could…

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