As summer approaches, the search for activities that are both fun and educational intensifies. Why not consider a summer camp that captivates young minds with science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) adventures? Little Medical School offers a wide variety of enriching summer camps designed to keep children engaged, curious, and excited about learning.


The Benefits of STEM Summer Camps

Structured Learning

At Little Medical School, we believe that summer camps provide a structured opportunity for continuous development outside the traditional classroom setting. Our camps are meticulously crafted to keep children busy, entertained, and intellectually stimulated throughout the summer break.


Independence and Confidence

Summer camps are more than just educational programs; they are unique experiences that foster personal growth. By participating in our STEM camps, children learn to become independent and self-confident. They explore new ideas, take on challenges, and achieve milestones that boost their self-esteem.


Socialization and Friendship

One of the greatest joys of summer camp is making new friends. Our camps offer a welcoming environment where kids can socialize, collaborate, and build lasting friendships. Team activities and group projects encourage camaraderie and teach the importance of working together.


Hands-On STEM Exploration

Little Medical School’s camps are all about hands-on learning. Kids get to use real medical instruments, conduct experiments, and engage in role-playing scenarios that make learning interactive and exciting. Whether it’s playing the role of a doctor, rehabilitating a sea turtle, or exploring anatomy, our activities bring STEM concepts to life.


What Makes Little Medical School Special?

Accredited Curriculum

Our curriculum is accredited by and is specifically tailored for children aged 4-14. We offer more than 400 hours of unique, youth-appropriate programs that emphasize healthcare and science. From after-school programs and summer camps to preschool activities and badge classes, our offerings are diverse and engaging.


Customizable Programs

We understand that every child is unique, and so are their learning needs. That’s why our programs can be customized to meet specific requirements and budgets. Simply consult with your local Little Medical School representative to tailor an experience that best suits your child’s interests and your logistical preferences1.


Variety of Activities

Our camps cover a broad spectrum of topics, ensuring there’s something for everyone. Some of the exciting options include:

  • Little Veterinarian School: Animal lovers discover the world of veterinary medicine, learning how to care for pets and diagnose common animal ailments. Plus, each child gets to adopt a plush cat, dog, or horse as part of the program!
  • Little Doctor School: Aspiring doctors get a closer look at human anatomy, medical procedures, and the essentials of a healthcare career.
  • Wilderness Medicine: Adventure seekers learn essential survival skills, first aid techniques, and how to handle medical emergencies in the wild.
  • Ocean Explorers: Journey to Become a Marine Biologist: Dive into marine biology and explore the fascinating underwater world, studying ocean ecosystems and marine wildlife. Each participant also gets to adopt a plush sea turtle!
  • STEM Sleuths: Young detectives use scientific methods to solve mysteries, engaging in experiments and problem-solving activities that sharpen their investigative skills.

Enroll Today!

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to provide your child with an unforgettable summer experience. Little Medical School’s STEM summer camps are filling up fast, so be sure to secure your spot today. For more information on fees, locations, and customization options, please check with your local LMS representative.


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