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Refer-A-Friend Program

Share the love and refer our programs to your friends and family!

You'll receive money back on your camp registration after your referred friend or family member registers for any of our publicly available camps


Little Medical School of the Treasure Coast summer camps for kids near me

How it works

Step 1

To be eligible to receive money back on your registration for a referral, you/your kid must be registered for a publicly available summer camp (not applicable to any private programs or private summer camps).

Step 2

Refer a friend by sending them information about our programs either through email, social media, or in person! Make sure to note this friend's first and last name as you will need that information to validate your referral.

Step 3

Fill out the form below. Once we confirm your friend or family member's registration on our registration form, we will send you $10 back through PayPal. We will send a screenshot confirmation to your email.

Refer-A-Friend Program

Thank you for being our biggest fan!

Your name (same name you used to register for a program/camp with us)(Required)
Your referred friend or family member's name (same name they used to register with us)(Required)

What can't you do with the Refer-A-Friend Program?

  • Save your referrals for a future camp registration
  • Claim the same friend or family member more than once
  • Have you and your friend or family member claim each other as referrals

Some guidelines on our Refer-A-Friend Program

Little Medical School summer camps near me

A referred camper must be paid in full and complete their camp session before the referral amount will be sent back.

Little Medical School summer camps near me 2

Parents who registered for our summer camps through community scholarships/funding are not able to use the Refer-A-Friend program on the funded summer camp.

Little Medical School summer camps near me 3

Family members who live in the same household and/or siblings do not qualify for the referral credit.

Little Medical School summer camps near me 4

This referral program is not able to be used on anything other than our half-day and full-day week-long summer camps. We do not let you use the Refer-A-Friend program on our individual classes or mini-day camps.


You are limited in the number of referrals you can make in that you are maxed if the referrals made total the amount of your entire registered summer camp. For example, say you refer 20 parents to our summer camps and they all register, you can get $195 back (our usual half-day summer camp cost).

Little Medical School talks about why summer camps are good for kids and how parents can pick the best ones.


Everything we do is made possible thanks to you. When you spread the word, it helps us continue to inspire kids and teens to dream big-to see themselves as doctors, veterinarians, nurses, and more.

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