Preschool Franchise

When my children were little, I struggled to find high quality enrichment programs that I felt were valuable and that my children wanted to participate in. There were so many programs around tumbling, sports, and free play. I found very few programs based around role-playing and learning. That is why I created Little Medical School for those looking for preschool franchise opportunities.

Professionally develop early childhood programs

Preschool franchise opportunities

Our medical, nursing, pharmacy, dental, and veterinarian offerings create wonderful experiences for preschool children. We always keep safety at top of mind. Designed by experienced preschool educational specialists and healthcare providers such a pediatricians and child psychiatrists, we only use specially designed supplies that are age appropriate and safety tested.

We have had such a great response from those looking at preschool franchise opportunities that we recently added Mini-Medics as a course option. This is a specially designed curriculum and program for Children ages 1-3 along with their parent or caregiver.

Our lead educator has a 20-year history teaching in an award-winning private grade school and is trained as an occupational therapist. Working with our healthcare advisors, she has created an educational and fun experience for our youngest students and their caregivers that takes our enrichment programs to the next level.

Inspire kids through preschool franchise opportunities

If you are looking at preschool franchise opportunities, check out Little Medical School! Not only does our model contain 10 years of experience, but we are constantly adding programs to address new topics in health care. We know how to get kids excited about learning, and what could be a better way than getting our youngest students excited about science and future careers than our Little Medical School role-playing programs. Who knows, you could be inspiring the surgeons, pharmacists, dieticians, medical scientists, emergency room physicians, veterinarians, and nurses of tomorrow!