Little Medical School is a Mobile Franchise Opportunity for Kids that is perfect for anyone who wants to own an impactful and successful business without the hassles of a physical location. Our model brings our exciting programming and high-quality supplies directly to children at their schools, community centers, and scouting meetings. The Little Medical School system has carefully designed each class so it can be run anywhere, even in the middle of a park.

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Our mobile franchise opportunity is perfect for anyone from a variety of backgrounds who love to work with children. We have franchise owners who are doctors, nurses, pharmacists, educators, IT experts, and various other small business owners. Many work from their home office and don’t need to worry about rent and the upkeep of an office. This way you can focus on building your business and serving your customer base.

Learn About Our Innovative Program

We have designed our supplies for each class to be portable and to fit in our instructor bag. Not only do our supplies follow safety standards and they are also age appropriate.

We use our supplies to teach suturing with real curved needles with blunt ends (Made especially for us!), and we make blood in our Little Medical School collapsible buckets. We will them with red water beads acting as red blood cells and then we add in out ‘white blood cells’ and ‘platelets’. We use this model to teach how blood works and what goes wrong with diseases such as sickle cell anemia and leukemia.

Our Little Medical School students never forget our lessons because they are so fun and memorable! Little Medical School as a mobile franchise opportunity is one that you should consider for your community. The opportunities are unlimited as you bring our innovative programs to children throughout your territory.