Create a masterpiece with the help of Mother Nature! This Rain Art STEM project is a wonderful way to explore the science of weather and color mixing. It’s perfect for those rainy spring days.



  1. Watercolor paper or cardstock
  2. Washable markers in various colors
  3. Plastic sheet or cover (optional)
  4. A rainy day!


  1. Encourage your kids to draw or doodle on the watercolor paper using washable markers. They should use bright, bold colors and fill up as much of the paper as possible.
  2. When their artworks are complete, carefully place them out in the rain. If it’s windy, you might want to secure them under a clear plastic sheet or cover.
  3. Watch as the raindrops hit the marker ink and start to blend and spread the colors across the paper, creating beautiful patterns.
  4. Once they’re satisfied with their rain-altered art, bring the papers inside to dry.

Learning Goals:


This activity promotes creativity while teaching kids about weather and the effects of water on different materials. They’ll also learn about color mixing and diffusion as they watch the rain transform their drawings.




Ensure that children are supervised when placing and collecting their artwork outside. Also, make sure that the weather conditions are safe – this activity should only be done during light, non-threatening rain.