The ONLY Healthcare Educational Program Franchise for Children

Little Medical School is a great opportunity to be a part of a Children’s Best Educational Franchise. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) programming is a very popular offering for schools’ after school programs and summer camps. While there are many children’s educational franchises offering engineering, robotics and coding classes, Little Medical School is the Children’s Best Educational Franchise to choose because it is the ONLY one offering in depth programming focusing on the science of healthcare.

Children’s Best Educational Franchise for Healthcare Awareness

Children, parents, and educators love our unique and interactive programming that is written by a team of board certified physicians, healthcare professionals, and experienced teachers. We use the power of role-play and real medical instruments to inspire young minds to dream about becoming a doctor, nurse, veterinarian, pharmacist, or dentist. While there are so many franchises available, Little Medical School is at the top of the list as a children’s best educational franchise.

Wilderness First Aid Medicine Program

We offer classes in Wilderness Medicine where children are inspired to be emergency physicians. The children learn about hypothermia and being a safe rescuer. They splint broken legs and practice first aid, as well as learn 30 important uses for their Little Medical School bandana.

Becoming a Pediatrician After School Class

In our Little Pediatrician program, children wear their white coat as they practice head-to-toe exams on their baby patients. They learn proper burping technique and how to recognize and treat diaper rash.

Kids Education for Sports Medicine

In our Sports Medicine classes, our future orthopedic surgeons and physical therapists learn to treat ankle sprains and do a sports assessment.

Modern Trends Education Program

As a Children’s Best Educational Franchise, Little Medical School is not only proud of our current programming, but all the future programs that we are releasing each academic year. Our offerings not only feature our classic favorites such as “What’s in the Doctor’s Bag”! But also our cutting-edge programming addressing today’s trends in healthcare such as the ill effects of Vaping and Robotic Surgery.