Mini Medical School

Twenty years ago, I came up with an idea to create a Mini Medical School Franchise. Little Medical School was born out of my childhood experiences created by my mother. As a pediatrician, my mother would come up with fun activities to teach me about what doctors did and how the body works.

We would practice suturing and tying knots like real surgeons. She would teach me how to do first aid on a bug bite or a burn. My mother loved to reach me anatomy. She had models of the brain, heart and lungs that she would use to show me what the organs looked like and how they worked. More importantly, her message that you can be anything you want to be if you work hard, was embedded in very lesson.

A Great foundation to Inspire Children’s Future in Healthcare

In my twenties, I realized that my mother’s lessons could be a great foundation for a Mini Medical School franchise. I wanted to share these powerful lessons with children around the world. This is why I started Little Medical School. Every community in every country needs talented healthcare professionals. Little Medical School is the vehicle to inspire children to pursue education as pre-meds and pre-vets, as well as nurses, dentists, physical therapists, dieticians, EMTs, and occupational therapists.

Our Mini Medical School franchise has been successful in 13 countries and 56 markets across the globe. We find that children in Singapore and South Africa enjoy our programming just as much as children in Texas and California. That’s because the message about helping people and healing the human body is universal.

Little Medical School is a wonderful addition to any community since every community needs a healthcare workforce in the future. I am so proud that I am able to be a part of inspiring children to consider futures in healthcare. I can’t imagine what my mother would think knowing her lessons from our family kitchen are still being taught today at Little Medical School!