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After School Classes

After School Classes

Little Medical School offer girls & boys aged 5-12 engaging after school classes, giving children a safe and educational activity and instilling in them a passion for healthcare, medicine, nursing and veterinary disciplines.

  • Understanding the tools that doctors use
  • The human body and organ systems
  • Nutrition and the science of eating
  • Applying basic first aid and treating common sports injuries
  • What pharmacists do and why medicine works
  • Performing CPR and the Heimlich maneuver*
  • Caring for pets and what to do in case of animal injuries
  • Much, much more!

All of our after school classes are taught by Garda vetted tutors who have experience with and a natural love of teaching children. We will capture kids’ imaginations with our interactive activities. They’ll role play, work with models, develop skills, draw, think creatively … and most importantly, they’ll learn!

after school classes

Here is an example of one of our six week workshops:

Class 1: First Aid

Children will learn how to respond when first aid is needed and be able to identify items needed in a first aid kit.

Class 2: The Wonderful Brain

Children will learn about the brain and how it works. They will also build a model of the brain.

Class 3: That's Gas

Children will gain an understanding of what gas is and why we burp and belch.

Class 4: Your Spine is Fine

Children will be able to explain what the spine does and identify the different sections of the spine.

Class 5: Pharmacy

Children will be able to explain what a prescription is and what information it must contain. They will gain an understanding of how pharmacists dispense prescriptions.

Class 6: Medical Fun and Graduation

A fun review of the course before children graduate from the Little Medical School and receive their diploma.

Would you like Little Medical School to offer after school classes at your child’s school?

We are interested in visiting your school to deliver an after school class for one hour, one day a week.

Our after school classes are suitable for Junior infants to 6th class students.
A unique opportunity to learn the principles of Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths.

Please fill in the expression of interest form:

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