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Science Week

Science Week

Science week is a nationwide festival of Science which provides children with an opportunity to develop their interest in Science through a series of informative and fun activities. Science week is a prime opportunity for children to explore the relationship between Science and everyday life.

Little medical School believes a curriculum based on STEAM will provide children with a strong foundation to pursue careers in medicine. Using role play techniques, children learn about the activities undertaken by healthcare professionals, understand how the body works and learn how to stay healthy.

Why Choose a Little Medical School Workshop?

  • Each workshop is age appropriate and tailored to the specific curriculum objectives for each class
  • We provide Garda vetted tutors to deliver the science-based workshops in the classroom
  • Workshops are one hour in duration and each child will receive a "take home" sheet from Little Medical School, which can be provided to parents to explain what their child learned during the workshop

science week
science week

What Happens in a Science Week Workshop?

  • Children will be introduced to new medical terminology and vocabulary
  • Interactive demonstrations are delivered for children to develop an understanding of the medical concepts of the workshop
  • Discover what a doctor is listening for when they listen to our hearts

Example of a Little Medical School Workshop:

Heart: The interactive workshop aims to influence children to gain more knowledge about the human body, science and medical information. Through fun and practical activities children discover facts about how the heart works.

Where is your heart - Children will use stethoscopes to listen to their chests to find their heart beat.

How strong is your heart - Children will experiment with stress balls to discover how strong their hearts are.

Get the heart pumping - Children will raise their heart beat by doing some exercise on the spot, they will then listen to their own heart beats and learn why the heart pumps faster.

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