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The Doctor will see you now

The Doctor will see you now

Little Medical School 3 – Eye, Nose, CPR & X-Rays!

Students will be immersed in an exploration of the senses in this fascinating course by Little Medical School. Over six hours of interactive instruction, kids will have fun building their own model eye and learning how the eye reacts to light. They will also make a model eardrum and discover how ears interpret sound into hearing. They’ll also receive an introduction to CPR and the Heimlich maneuver, learn to recognize bone fractures on an X-ray and even splint a broken bone.

This course was designed by a team of board-certified physicians and is led by a trained and background-checked instructor passionate about sharing their medical knowledge with our students. Watch your child beam with pride when he or she earns a diploma on graduation day!



The Exciting Eye!

Learn to name parts of the eye, learn about reaction to light as well as how the lens focuses light. They even make a model of an eye!


Did You Hear That?!

Students learn how the ear turns noises into hearing, about ear infections and hearing loss. They also get to make a model eardrum!


CPR and Heimlich Maneuver!

Students get an introduction to how to perform CPR as well as saving someone who is choking with the Heimlich maneuver.

*This is not a certification class.


Food is Fuel!

Students learn how to read a food label and understand serving sizes. They learn how the body gets energy from food as well as understanding the link between body weight and disease!


Broken Bones!

Students learn some different types of broken bones and recognize them on X-rays! They even get to practice casting and splinting!


Review and Graduation

Discuss key concepts and vocabulary. Learn about becoming a doctor and design your own office. Graduate with a diploma.



6 hours of total instruction, your choice of:

  • Six 1-hour sessions
  • Three 2-hour sessions
  • One 6-hour session

Class Size:

8-12 students per class, recommended*

Age Range:

6-12 years (regular curriculum)

3-5 years (pre-reader curriculum)

What LMS Provides:

One trained LMS instructor per class and a “Doctor’s Bag” activity kit for each student to keep

*To ensure our instructors may provide personal attention to every student, we recommend 8-12 students per class. For larger groups, we will provide multiple instructors and separate the group into smaller classes. If you have a unique circumstance, please contact us to discuss our custom programs.


Every student receives a kit with items to use during class and take home at the end of the program.

White Coat (disposable)

ID Badge

Eye Model

Ear model

CPR Reference Card

Dietary Consult Form

Bingo Card

“Design Your Own Office” Worksheet


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