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Introducing: LMS Kids Night Out!

Us Future Doctors had a talk and you guys deserve a break. Make dinner reservations and grab a movie with your friends. Book Little Medical School Manhattan for us so we can have some fun! Consider it further education as we explore and learn. There’s no rush! Let us know when you’re ready!

DISCLAIMER: Social Distancing will be set in place! 10 Children MAX!

Cost: $30 per child/hour with a minimum of 5 children. There will also be a $75.00 service charge.

Download LMS Kids Night Out flyer here!

Please select the number of children from the options below. Add the course to your ‘Cart’ and then checkout.


PHOTO & LIABILITY WAIVERS: Please sign and date both the Little Medical School of Manhattan Photo Waiver and the Little Medical School of Manhattan Liability Waiver and email to upon registering.

Program# of ChildrenPriceRegistration
LMS Kids Night Out5 (minimum)$225 - $525Register Here!
LMS Kids Night Out6$255 - $615Register Here!
LMS Kids Night Out7$285 - $705Register Here!
LMS Kids Night Out8$315 - $795Register Here!
LMS Kids Night Out9$345 - $885Register Here!
LMS Kids Night Out10 (maximum)$375 - $975Register Here!


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