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Sports medicine

Sports medicine

Sports Medicine

Sports offer so much more than a fun way to play outside. At Little Medical School, sports are a gateway to learning and the fascinating world of Sports Medicine. In this six-hour course, we use interactive tools and activities to teach students the basics of the popular medical field. They learn about reflexes and responses times – even get their own reflex hammer to keep! They learn about common sports injuries and how to treat them, about hands and joints, and in a class favorite lesson they’ll learn about and get to perform a Tommy John surgery

Our sports medicine course was designed by a team of board-certified physicians and is led by a trained and background-checked instructor passionate about sharing medical knowledge with aspiring young learners. Watch your child beam with pride when he or she earns a diploma on graduation day



Sports Medicine 101

Students learn about reflexes, response times and how your muscles work with bones to allow our movement.


Common Problems from Playing Sports

Students learn about blisters, Athlete’s Foot, strains, sprains and how to take care of all of them!



Students gain knowledge about the different types of joints in the body. They even make models of two types of joints to help with their understanding!


Tommy John Surgery

Students learn what causes the injury leading to Tommy John Surgery. They even get to practice performing the surgery!



Students discuss how the our hands work then learn about common injuries to the fingers and hand. They even get to make a model of the hand!


Medical Graduation and Fun!

Discuss key concepts and vocabulary. Learn about the roles of Sports Medicine specialists including orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists. Then they design their own sports medicine clinic. Graduate with a diploma!



6 hours of total instruction, your choice of:

  • Six 1-hour sessions
  • Three 2-hour sessions
  • One 6-hour session

Class Size:

8-12 students per class, recommended*

Age Range:

6-12 years (regular curriculum)

3-5 years (pre-reader curriculum)

What LMS Provides:

One trained LMS instructor per class and a “Doctor’s Bag” activity kit for each student to keep

*To ensure our instructors may provide personal attention to every student, we recommend 8-12 students per class. For larger groups, we will provide multiple instructors and separate the group into smaller classes. If you have a unique circumstance, please contact us to discuss our custom programs.


Every student receives a kit with items to use during class and take home at the end of the program.

White Coat (disposable)

“Trace the Impulse” Worksheet

Reflex Hammer

ACE Bandage

Joint Models

Toothpick Skeleton

Tommy John’s Surgery Sheet


Hand Model

Tendon Model

“Dream Job” Drawing


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