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Summer Camps

Ready for a summer full of fun? Click here to see everything available for registration!

Bring our summer camps in STEM to you!

Little Medical School is excited to bring fun and engaging summer camps to your area! Most of our programs like Little Doctor School, Little Veterinarian, and Wilderness Medicine are available as summer camps. Most camp sessions run Monday-Friday, from morning to mid-afternoon. We partner with schools, organizations, or groups to bring the summer camps to them.

Why summer camps?

Our summer camps give kids and friends a chance to connect again during the summer when school is not in session. They also give kids the chance to explore subjects and learn something new outside of what they would traditionally learn at school.

Kids are smart and their minds are like sponges. Our summer camps in STEM and medicine give kids real medical knowledge like first aid, CPR, doing a tourniquet, and more.

What summer camps do we have?

Most of our after-school enrichment programs are available as summer camps! That means programs like our Little Doctor School, Little Veterinarian School, Wilderness Medicine, Sports Medicine, Teen Medicine, and more are available as week-long summer camps.


Want to bring us to your school, organization, or center?