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About Us


It all began in 1998 when our founder Dr. Mason wrote her first lesson and entrusted her medical residents to teach local teenagers. Her passion for encouraging kids and teens about the healthcare field culminated in the creation of Little Medical School in 2010. Today, Little Medical School is a leader in specialized STEM programs and summer camps for kids and teens.

Since then, we have grown so much! Because we believe in highlighting the diversity and creativity in all healthcare fields, we offer our summer camps, after-school programs, in-school field trips, live virtual classes, birthday parties, and scout badge classes to feature over 8 different fields in medicine.

Imagination: We believe kids & teens should dream big and have opportunities to discover.

Nurturing: We create environments to learn and explore while building self-confidence.

Service: We realize a love for medicine requires committing to helping others.

Passion: We are excited to share our love of learning and health.

Innovation: We engage all by merging entertainment and education.

Role-playing: We realize the power of one-on-one AND group interaction.

Educational: We develop unique curriculum to highlight career options.


We work with schools, educators, and organizations to inspire healthy lifestyles in kids & teens as they learn about medical careers. Our instructors are aspiring world-changers, practicing medical providers, and soon-to-be educators. All of our after-school programs, summer camps, and classes are written by a board-certified educator and reviewed by board-certified and trained healthcare professionals!

We were founded in the Treasure Coast by local parent Jason Brown, who serves as our CEO. Since graduating from the University of Michigan, Jason has worked for many years as a successful business professional in the medical and pharmaceutical fields.

Jason was motivated to bring Little Medical School to South Florida as a result of his quest to find a quality enrichment program to engage and inspire his two young kids!

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