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The Little Medical School Experience

Creating one-of-a-kind memories

At Little Medical School of the Treasure Coast, we create an environment for kids & teens to learn and explore the exciting world of health and careers in medicine! Our students have the opportunity to role-play, learn, and explore healthy living and careers in the medical field.

As the world’s population continues to age, the need for skilled health professionals is increasing. Little Medical School of the Treasure Coast strives to play a big role in the solution to this problem by teaching kids & teens how fun the world of healthcare can be!


We help inspire kids about the field of medicine by offering


After-school Programming


Summer Camps


Holiday/Seasonal Break Camps


Evening & weekend classes


Birthday parties


In-school field trips


Clubs & competition groups


Scout activities


Corporate events


Preschool Classes

So is Little Medical School of the Treasure Coast a STEM program?

Yes! While most STEM after-school programs and summer camps these days teach about robotics or chemistry, we are unique. We teach kids & teens about the wonderful world of healthcare and inspire them about careers in medicine!

Little Medical School believes a curriculum based on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) will provide students with a strong foundation to pursue careers in medicine. Whether utilizing Science to understand anatomy, Technology to better utilize patient information, Engineering to develop solutions to complex medical issues, or Math to calculate the proper dose of medication. Health and STEM are inseparable. Yet, beyond our focus on learning and critical thinking – our most important function is to INSPIRE a greater understanding of health and career options.

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