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Fun Ways For Your Girl Scout To Earn A STEM Badge

Joining Girl Scouts allows your kid to succeed in a variety of areas. Becoming a scout allows your child to have an impact on the world around them while also developing confidence, courage, and character- all of which will benefit your child as they grow into adulthood. Girl Scout badges are an excellent method for your child to discover new interests and acquire new abilities. Girl Scouts has recently added some wonderful STEM badges in the hopes of encouraging young females to become the much-needed STEM leaders of tomorrow. At Little Medical School of the Treasure Coast, we’ve thoroughly analyzed all of the Girl Scout STEM badges and have adjusted our programs to guarantee that each step toward obtaining a badge is fulfilled and exceeded.

Little Medical School of the Treasure Coast for Girl Scouts

We are proud to provide educational, STEM, and STEAM-related programs for children. Whether you would like to focus on the wonders of human medicine or explore animal medicine (or both!), Little Medical School of the Treasure Coast provides an interactive experience that is fun and beneficial for your scouts. A dedicated instructor is assigned to teach your scouts, and they work to promote health awareness and empathetic mindsets.

Girl Scout STEM badge classes available with us

First Aid

Know what to do in case of a small accident! In this class, you will know how to get help from 911, about poison ivy/poison oak and how to treat it, make a first aid kit, know how to treat minor injuries, and know how to prevent and treat outdoor injuries.

Ambassador/ Entrepreneur Accelerator Badge

What makes an entrepreneur successful? Vision, passion, flexibility, and a willingness to take risks. Perhaps most importantly, a successful entrepreneur sees every setback as an opportunity for improvement. In this badge, you’ll think and act like an entrepreneur as you bring your business vision to life, learn how to work with a team, and motivate people to take a chance with you. Are you ready?

Brownie/Budding Entrepreneur Badge

An entrepreneur is someone who finds ways to help people and solve problems. They are curious about how things work and see each setback as a chance to make things better. With this badge, you’ll become an entrepreneur!

Brownie/My Best Self Badge

Knowledge is power! Knowing yourself, your health, and your body empowers you to take care of yourself the best way you can.

Brownie/STEM Career Exploration Badge

Have you ever wanted to invent something new? Create a video game? Help pets stay healthy? Engineers, programmers, and veterinarians get to do those things every day as their jobs. Find out how all the things you love can become a job that helps you change the world! Then create a plan to turn your dreams into a reality.

Brownie/ Pet Badge

Pets are family, too! Pets can be of all shapes and sizes, with or without fur. In this badge, you will learn about pet care, types of pets, how to address specific animal behavior, and vet trips.

Cadette/ Business Creator Badge

Entrepreneurs are innovative problem-solvers. They know how to collaborate and get critical feedback to make their ideas even better. Entrepreneurs brainstorm, often work with teams, set goals, face failure, and try again. Become a business creator and learn the skills you need for success in life, no matter what future path you choose.

Cadette/ STEM Career Exploration Badge

Imagine yourself 15 or 50 years from now: What are you doing? Have you traveled the world? Gone to space? Invented an app? Whatever it is, you can find a job that helps you do it! Explore careers that make a difference. Then, map out how you’ll help others and change the world!

Daisy/ Toy Business Designer Badge

An entrepreneur is someone who comes up with new ways to solve problems and creates a business. They might improve something that already exists or make something new. In this badge, you’ll find out that being an entrepreneur also means trying, making mistakes, and trying again. Now have some fun getting into the toy business!

Junior/Business Jumpstart Badge

Every entrepreneur starts with an idea! Ideas can come from observing your surroundings and being curious about how things work. Everyone has the ability to come up with an idea—it’s what you do to bring it to life that makes you an entrepreneur.

Junior/ STEM Career Exploration Badge

What are some of your dreams for the future? Would you invent a new product? Make a huge discovery? Be a veterinarian, food scientist, or engineer? The options are endless! Explore what you’re interested in and what you care about. Then, create a plan for how you’ll change the world!

Senior/ Business Startup Badge

Do you have an idea for a product, service, or technology that you can turn into a business? Even if you don’t, you can learn the skills to find and develop an idea. All you need is curiosity and a desire to think like an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs start with a process that explores the possibilities for their ideas. They often fail before they succeed and use failure as an important tool to learn and improve. Find out more about the entrepreneurial mindset and what it takes to start your own business.

Schedule your next badge class with us!

Little Medical School of the Treasure Coast is the best partner to bring to teach your scouts. Contact us to get started on your next scouting adventure. You can also look through our Program Catalog to see a complete description of all of the classes, programs, and events we have to offer.

The top-rated scout activity program at Little Medical School of the Treasure Coast is sure to keep your scouts engaged and happy while also educating them in STEM or STEAM themes. Your scouts will not be disappointed if you choose one of our popular scouting activities or construct a bespoke one to earn a badge.

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