With winter break just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to plan some exciting activities to keep your little ones engaged and entertained. Here at Little Medical School, we believe in making learning fun. That’s why we’re introducing parents to the world of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) activities that are not only enjoyable but also contribute significantly to a child’s development.

STEM activities help nurture problem-solving skills, boost creativity, and foster a love for scientific inquiry. Today, we’re sharing a winter-themed STEM activity that parents can do with their children aged between 4-10 over the winter break: Building an Ice Lantern!

The Ice Lantern Experiment

The Ice Lantern activity is a simple yet fascinating experiment that demonstrates the unique properties of water when it changes states from liquid to solid. It’s an excellent way for kids to learn about the science behind freezing and melting while creating a beautiful lantern out of ice.

Materials You’ll Need

  • Two containers of different sizes (one should fit inside the other with some space in between)
  • Small objects for decoration (like leaves, berries, or small toys)
  • Water
  • A tealight candle

Step-by-step Instructions

  1. Place your smaller container inside the larger one. Make sure there’s room all around it.
  2. Arrange your decorative items around the outer edge of the smaller container.
  3. Fill the larger container with water, making sure not to get any inside the smaller container. The water should cover your decorations.
  4. Place the containers in the freezer. If you want to have fun outdoors, you can also leave them outside if the temperatures are below freezing.
  5. Once the water is frozen solid, remove the containers from the freezer. Run some warm water on the outside of the larger container to loosen the ice.
  6. Remove the smaller container by pouring warm water into it until it loosens and can be lifted out.
  7. Once you’ve removed both containers, you’ll be left with a beautiful ice lantern. Place a tealight candle inside, and you’ve got a magical winter light!

Why Kids Will Love It

Building an Ice Lantern is a hands-on activity that encourages children to get creative with their decorations while learning about the properties of water. Plus, the final result is a beautiful piece of art they can be proud of!

In Conclusion

Building an Ice Lantern is a wonderful winter STEM activity that combines education with fun. It’s an excellent way for parents to spend quality time with their kids during the winter break.

For successful completion of this activity, ensure you’re patient with the freezing process. If the water hasn’t completely frozen, the lantern may break when you try to remove it from the container.

If your kids enjoyed this activity, there are plenty more STEM activities to explore. From building a snow volcano to creating crystal snowflakes, the possibilities are endless. These activities not only entertain but also educate, making them a perfect blend of fun and learning. Enjoy your winter break filled with joy, laughter, and learning!