Check out this fun relay game where kids get to act out animal walks while racing! This game is great for a group of kids six or more.

Have kids choose what animals would be fun to be during the relay. Some great examples are kangaroo, penguin, elephant, monkey, duck, snake, horse, dog, crab, cat, or frog.

  • Have students get into two lines with an equal number of students on each side.
  • The first player on each team is animal number 1
  • The second player is a different animal number 2 and so on…
  • Make sure each student knows what animal they are.
  • The first person on the team acts like the animal that was assigned to them by hopping, crawling, or skipping to a designated place picked out by the instructor and then back to their team. The next player acts out their animal and so on till everyone is sitting down. The first team to finish is the winner.