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Summer Enrichment Opportunities: Which One is Right for Your Family?

Summer is quickly approaching and with it, the end of another school year. Kids and parents alike are anxious to get out in the sunshine, unwind, and relax after a busy season of work, after-school activities, and the rush of life. Though it is so important to take advantage of the not-so-busy season, it is also important to keep your young child’s mind active and engaged. Summer programs provide those opportunities, but finding the program that is right for your child can be a challenge. Here are a few questions to ask yourself when searching for the program that works best for your family.

What is your child interested in? It is vital to find out what your child’s strengths and interests are. Are they musical? Do they love to be active? Are they constantly inventing new things or doing science projects? Find the program that is will feed their passions and interests. It will build their skills while keeping them engaged and helping them avoid burn-out.

Does the program encourage creativity? No matter what your child’s interests are, a good summer program should encourage creativity. Young minds thrive off of the ability to learn and create. A good summer program allows your child to ask questions and solve problems through hands-on learning and creativity.

Will this program work with my schedule? Summer programs are a great way for kids and adults to spend time investing in themselves. Be sure to find a program that allows you as the parent to find some time to relax while your child is engaged in learning. Don’t over-complicate your schedule. Rather, fit the program into your current schedule so you and your child are enriched and refreshed.



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