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STEAM Activity: Create An Indoor Greenhouse

Who needs to wait until next spring to watch the growth of plants? Your little gardener may practice their green thumb all summer long with the help of this STEAM indoor greenhouse activity.

Every day with Little Medical School of the Treasure Coast, instructors engage students in hands-on learning activities that focus on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math). We are aware of how crucial it is to find meaningful enrichment and learning activities for the summer, when learning may lag due to being out of the classroom.

So here is a little activity to teach students about indoor greenhouses.

Create An Indoor Greenhouse STEAM Activity

Supplies needed:

  • clean, empty clear plastic 2-liter soda bottle
  • potting soil 
  • craft knife or scissors (grown-up should supervise) 
  • hole-punching tool (grown-up should supervise) 
  • small, non-poisonous plants or seeds, twigs, and plastic figurines (your kid may know some good ones if they have done our Wilderness Medicine School program!)


Step 1: Soak the plastic container in soapy water to remove the label.

Step 2: Under adult supervision, make small ventilation holes all the way around the plastic soda bottle’s circular top (which will serve as the terrarium’s top).

Step 3: Under adult supervision, trim the bottom of the bottle about five inches from the base using a craft knife or scissors.

Step 4: Have your kid add a couple of inches of potting soil to the terrarium.

Step 5: Insert a finger into the earth to make a few tiny holes, then plant two or three tiny seeds or plants there before covering them.

Step 6: It’s time to decorate! Ask your kid to decorate their terrarium with twigs, dried leaves, and plastic figurines. After adding a little water, slide the soda bottle’s cap over the base. Watch the plants develop by placing the terrarium near a window!

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