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We're the solution to the healthcare worker shortage

Inspire the next generation and make an impact in your community!

Volunteer opportuntites

Committed to having fun, so much fun

As well as:

Volunteering places near me

Being relevant to health majors

Having flexible hours and contract

Being unique and interesting (good-bye boring 9-5’s)

Work within your city or get paid to travel

Travel reimbursement with us makes exploring a new city a bit easier


The paycheck is paycheck-ing

We offer competitive pay starting at $20 an hour for after-school programs and $400 a week for half-day summer camps

Teach or help teach programs like

Little Doctor School

At Little Doctor School, kids will take on the role of a doctor and learn how the body and organs work, how to use medical instruments, administer first aid, and even tie knots like real surgeons. We begin all Little Doctor School programs with a white coat ceremony and end with a graduation ceremony. Est. 2009.

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Little Veterinarian School

At Little Veterinarian School, kids will take on the role of a veterinarian and learn how to perform a nose-to-tail exam, the importance of proper pet nutrition, perform a tick check, and more. We begin all Little Veterinarian School programs with a white coat ceremony and end with a graduation ceremony. Cat and Horse versions available as well! Est. 2016.

Wilderness Medicine School

At Wilderness Medicine School, kids will learn about some of the dangers in the wild such as bug bites, snake bites, and poisonous plants, learn how to splint a broken leg, tie a tourniquet, and filter dirty water. We begin all Wilderness Medicine School programs with a white coat ceremony and end with a graduation ceremony. Est. 2017.

Stem internship

and more...


Stem jobs for high school students
Volunteering organizations
Volunteering work near me

Little Medical School programs are grounded in the belief that kids learn best through hands-on activities. Kids and teens complete activities in areas like emergency care, veterinary medicine, and surgery, in a positive environment where they receive guidance from trained instructors and are encouraged to learn about what most consider to be complicated subjects.


Kids can make new friends, learn real medical skills, and explore the potential of a career in medicine through our programs.


Our instructors and volunteers help facilitate these programs at different schools, non-profits, organizations, community centers, and more.

We are the creators of inspiration

Volunteering or working with us will give you a chance to change a kid's life through our programs. Empowering through knowledge and inspiration is just a small part of what you can do with us. Pre-med students, pre-vet students, and even pre-education students can join our team and make an impact today!

Let's get out there and make a difference, together

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