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About Us

Little Medical School - Calgary

Little Medical School (LMS) is deeply rooted in Founder Dr. Mary Mason’s love of family, medicine and education. In 1998, Dr. Mason wrote her first lesson plan and enlisted her medical residents to teach local teenagers. This passion for encouraging careers in healthcare culminated in the creation of LMS in 2010. Today, the company is a pioneer and leading developer of specialized curriculum and interactive resources for children aged 4-14.

We offer summer camps, after-school programs, in-school field trips, birthday parties, scout badge classes, and special events that we can customize to fit your needs.


Imagination: We believe children need to dream and have opportunities to discover.

Nurturing: We create environments to learn and explore while building self-confidence.

Service: We realize love of medicine requires a commitment to helping others.

Passion: We are energized by our desire to share our love of learning and health.

Innovation: We engage all by merging entertainment and education.

Role-playing: We realize the power of one-on-one AND group interaction.

Educational: We develop unique curriculum to highlight career options.

While all seven values above form the foundation of why we exist and how we conduct business, our most important function is to INSPIRE a greater understanding of health and career options.

About Little Medical School - Calgary

Little Medical School - Calgary works with educators, healthcare leaders, and community organizations to INSPIRE healthy lifestyles in children as they learn about medical careers. Our LMS Trained Instructors are also community members – these individuals range from aspiring world changers, practicing medical providers, and accomplished educators. All programs are written by a board-certified educator and reviewed by board-certified and trained healthcare professionals.

Ann Roque, MD

Owner and Director of Operations, Little Medical School - Calgary

Ann has been trained as a General Practice physician in the Philippines with years of experience in the hospital, community and corporate settings. She always had a passion to become a doctor as a child, dreaming of wearing the white coat and a stethoscope wrapped around her neck and helping the sick. In 2012, she and her husband, also a physician, immigrated to Canada. Since then, she has worked closely with general practitioners and specialists in medical clinics as a Physician Assistant and Clinic Coordinator while working on her Canadian medical licensing exams. She is a mom to two young energetic boys ages 6 and 3 and understands firsthand the challenges and joys of motherhood. Her family lives in Calgary and they are proud to be home to breathtaking landscapes, beautiful neighborhoods, the best family-friendly attractions and the amicable local community spirit. She started Little Medical School in Calgary as she was inspired by her 5-year-old son who loves to role play as a doctor and verbalizes that he wanted to be a doctor when he grows up. In search of child enrichment programs that would fit her child’s interest, she discovered that there is a lack of medical themed workshops for kids. She believes that children should be exposed to experiences in line with their passion that will enrich and nurture their young minds. She is committed to help parents to let their kids achieve their dreams and to advance Little Medical School’s mission which is to inspire tomorrow’s healthcare providers today.

Christian Roque, MD

Owner and Director of Business Development, Little Medical School - Calgary

Christian is a also a licensed Physician in the Philippines with many years of experience in Occupational Health and Safety. Being raised by both doctor parents, he knew he always wanted to be a doctor even at a very young age. When he and his wife immigrated to Canada in 2012, he found the healthcare field of recreation therapy relatively new and exciting, and he started working in a seniors facility designing and facilitating recreation programs for seniors with dementia and young adults with brain injuries. His joyful and enthusiastic personality has been his edge in running successful therapeutic recreation programs to the community. As a father to two young kids, he is an advocate of creating a learning environment that is both entertaining and educational where students easily could learn about important life skills in the field of medicine long before they leave elementary school. He is also dedicated in helping like-minded parents to let their children have an academic edge and achieve their best potential. With Little Medical School’s fun and engaging curriculum, Christian is able to provide the foundation for inspiring future healthcare professionals in Calgary.

Meet our Current Roster of Instructors

Little Medical School - Calgary programs are taught by knowledgeable instructors with a lifelong love of teaching children and sharing their experiences of the medical industry. Most of our instructors are health and science graduates and professionals, registered nurses, and medical doctors - all with a gift for the classroom and a natural rapport with excited young students.

All of our instructors and volunteer instructors must pass a rigorous background check and are trained in Little Medical School programs and methodology.

Meet our Little Medical School - Calgary Instructors

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