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After School Programs

Little Medical School of Ottawa offers students grades K-7 an engaging after school enrichment programs. Giving kids a safe and educational after school activity is central to our mission of bettering the lives of children in Ottawa and instilling in them a passion for healthcare, medicine, nursing and veterinary disciplines.
We can work closely with Schools, to customize a complementary curriculum which covers a wide swath of medical and scientific subjects:

  • Understanding the tools that doctors use
  • The human body and organ systems
  • Nutrition and the science of eating
  • Applying basic first aid and treating common sports injuries
  • What pharmacists do and why medicine works
  • Performing CPR and the Heimlich maneuver*
  • Caring for pets and what to do in case of animal injuries
  • Much, much more!

All of our after school programs are taught by exemplary instructors who have passed our rigorous background check process and who have experience with and a natural love of teaching children. We will capture kids’ imaginations with our interactive activities. They’ll role play, work with models, develop skills, draw, think creatively … and most importantly, they’ll learn!*Our program does not offer CPR certification

Program Details

Location: Programs are held at schools throughout the Ottawa area
Duration: Programs include 6 hours of instruction, in the following formats: six 1-hour classes, three 2-hour classes, one 6-hour class
Grades: Programs are designed for grades K-7. A pre-reader curriculum is available.
Class Size: We require a minimum of 8 students per program. To ensure our instructors may provide personal attention to everyone, we recommend 8-12 students per session. For larger groups, we will provide multiple instructors and separate the group into smaller classes.


If you are a parent interested in registering your child, please visit our Register Now page and browse the program list to see if there is one coming up at your school.If you are a school administrator, board member or parent interested in bringing Little Medical School to your school, we’d love to hear from you! Please contact us today and let’s talk about what exciting educational programming we can offer your students.