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Community group programs

Community group programs

Little Medical School is proud to offer fun and educational community group programs. Our programs are engaging and interactive and cover a wide variety of topics. Moreover, we run online and in-person classes to meet all of the community groups’ needs.

Our community group programs are highly customizable to fit the needs of your group, whether you are looking for more science activities, age-appropriate first aid skills, leadership development or surviving natural disasters! 


Guiding Groups from Sparks to Rangers:

Little Medical School classes align with many of the “Girls First” Program Area themes, for example:

  • Into the Outdoors (Wilderness First Aid, Natural Disasters, Survival Skills, Wild Animals)
  • Build Skills (STEM Career Exploration, Leadership, Entrepreneurship)
  • Explore Identities (My Best Self, Self Esteem, Women in STEM)
  • Experiment and create (Experiments, Designing spaces, Arts & Crafts)
  • Be well (Nutrition, Sports Medicine, Mindfulness)
  • Take Action (First Aid Skills, Caring for Animals, Business Management)

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Scouting Groups from Beavers to Rovers:

There are many ways that Little Medical School programs can be integrated into the Scouting Adventure and “Personal Progression” for example:

  • Beavers- Basic First Aid Skills, The Human Body, Science Experiments, pet care, Wilderness First Aid, Natural Disasters, Survival Skills, Wild Animals, Technology (medical instrumentation)
  • Cubs- First Aid Skills, Nutrition, Sports Medicine, Animal Care, Science experiments, Medical Innovations and Technology, Water Safety, Art & Crafts, Engineering
  • Scouts- First Aid Skills, Animal Care, Sports Medicine, Wilderness Survival, Science experiments, technology (medical instrumentation), Water Safety, Art & Crafts, Engineering 
  • Venturers- Leadership, Wilderness Survival, First Aid Skills
  • Rovers (18 YO)- Leadership, Business Development and Entrepreneurship

We also provide programs for leadership, entrepreneurship and business for all ages. 

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Cadet Groups

Our programs can cover wilderness survival skills, human anatomy, natural disasters, business and leadership development training. 

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4H Clubs

We would be honoured to work with your 4H Club to help you bring STEM, leadership and healthcare into your community! As an example, our Little Veterinary School Programs cover animal care for domestic, exotic, and wild animals. The topics cover the age group 6-12 years old. 

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Are you a part of community groups and want to inspire Children and Youth in Leadership and Healthcare? 



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Community Group Programs Community Group Programs Community Group ProgramsCommunity Group Programs Community Group ProgramsCommunity Group Programs