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The Toy Diet All Kids Need Through a Pandemic and Beyond

By LMS | May 8, 2020

Article written by Jamie Davis Smith View on here Whether kids are at home playing after school or all day because of a global pandemic or just a rainy day, play is an important part of how kids learn and develop. Experts recommend a toy diet to ensure that children have access to toys…

Little Medical School Media Coverage Report – April 2020

By LMS | May 7, 2020

Please click on the link below to view our Media Coverage Report for April 2020. Little medical School US Media Coverage Report | April 2020

Little Home Schools Everywhere: Meet Little Medical School

By LMS | April 24, 2020

My eight-year-old is a science junkie. He wants to know how everything works. It’s not just that he asks me why the sky is blue, he wants to know why blue is blue, why we say the sea is blue when it’s not, why his eyes are blue but mine aren’t. He’s a deep dive kind…

Little Medical School Media Coverage Report – March 2020

By LMS | April 14, 2020

Please click on the link below to view our Media Coverage Report for March 2020.

Little Medical School Featured on Forbes

By LMS | March 10, 2020

Article from Forbes, March 10, 2020 By Richard Kestenbaum Article Link A lot of ink has been spilled about why Toys R Us went bankrupt. But not much has been said about the unique place it filled in the market and who fills that spot now that Toys R Us  has been reorganized into a…

Top Education Franchises

By LMS | February 14, 2020

I speak with so many parents who have been looking for ways to balance a fulfilling career with a balanced family life. As a mother of 3 children, I have struggled with this dilemma first hand. As many health care providers have found, it can be very difficult to balance patient care with childcare. That…

Children’s Best Educational Franchise

By LMS | December 19, 2019

The ONLY Healthcare Educational Program Franchise for Children Little Medical School is a great opportunity to be a part of a Children’s Best Educational Franchise. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) programming is a very popular offering for schools’ after school programs and summer camps. While there are many children’s educational franchises offering engineering, robotics and…

Baltimore Program Inspires Children to Pursue Various Healthcare Professions

By LMS | November 26, 2019

? A new program in Baltimore is planting the seeds for youth to become tomorrow’s healthcare providers.  CBS News’ Nikole Killion interviewed several participants from the Little Medical School of Baltimore, operated by Marion Beck.  LMS Baltimore is a STEM enrichment program that focuses on exposing kids to various healthcare professions and it appears the program aim…

Best Seller Child Education Franchise Worldwide

By LMS | November 15, 2019

Where does our STEM Educational Services Franchise for children come from? As a mother of three, I have struggled to find high quality, educational offerings in the STEM field for my children. There were so many offering in engineering, coding, robotics and chemistry. But I wasn’t finding anything for my grade school children in the medical field.…

In The News – OCTOBER 2019

By LMS | November 13, 2019

OCTOBER 2019 Little Kids, Big Dreams: Calgary Kids head to Medical School Ann Roque, the owner and director of operations of Little Medical School of Calgary featured on Global News – Calgary! Watch the interview below to learn more. Little kids, big dreams: Calgary kids head to medical school Little kids, big dreams: Calgary kids…

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