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Little Medical School 4 Teen

Little Medical School 4 Teen

Little Medical School 4 Teens

All kids love to dress up and play doctor. This hands-on, in-depth experience puts the student in the role of the physician complete with a white coat and real stethoscope.  Through interactive and creative demonstrations, crafts, and projects, students see how the body works and what goes wrong with disease states. Our “student doctors” not only learn how to use a stethoscope, but also they learn what they are hearing when they listen to the heartbeat.  We discuss why murmurs sound the way they do and that they get their first looks at EKG’s.  As “student surgeons” they learn how to sew like a real surgeon, tie knots, and do a hernia repair with mesh!  In the blood section, they make a model of normal blood and then see first hand what does wrong with leukemia and sickle cell disease.  Additionally, students learn what it takes to prepare for being a pre-med in college and learn important tips to be a successful candidate. This is just a sampling of the many exciting topics we explore. Over six hours of interactive instruction, kids will have a chance to learn about and use common doctor’s tools, how air flows through the lungs, what happens to food when we eat and how the heart works. They’ll even get to listen to a heartbeat using their own personal working stethoscope, which they get to take home at the end of the course!

This course was designed by a team of board-certified physicians and is led by a trained and background-checked instructor passionate about sharing their medical knowledge with young and aspiring “doctors to be.” When your child receives his or her diploma on graduation day, they’ll beam with pride and be ready to teach you everything they’ve learned.




Students learn the components of blood understand what the different parts of the blood do. Students learn what happens when parts of the blood don’t work correctly, make their own blood and understand what disease can result when the components of blood don’t work correctly



Students learn about the history of Stethoscopes, how to listen to normal and abnormal heart sounds, about EKGs and how doctors use them


Advanced surgery techniques

Students learn the concept of “scrubbing”, how to suture and tie surgical knots and how a surgeon works as part of a team



Learn about the parts of the skin, the causes of skin disorders like pimples and warts and the treatments for skin disorders


Advanced Digestive System!

Students learn the organs of digestion, understand how the entire process of digestion works and what can go wrong with the digestive system.


Medical Fun and Graduation

Students play Bingo, present their projects and Graduate from Medical School 4 Teens



6 hours of total instruction, your choice of:

  • Six 1-hour sessions
  • Three 2-hour sessions
  • Custom combination

Class Size:

8-12 students per class (Recommended)

Age Range:

12-14 years (Recommended)

What LMS Provides:

One trained LMS instructor per class and a “Doctor’s Bag” activity kit for each student to keep

*To ensure our instructors may provide personal attention to every student, we recommend 8-12 students per class. For larger groups, we will provide multiple instructors and separate the group into smaller classes. If you have a unique circumstance, please contact us to discuss our custom programs.


Every student receives a kit with items to use during class and take home at the end of the program.


Baggies of Blood

Heart Worksheet

ECG Worksheet

Face mask


Foam sheet

Skin Model

LMS Celiac Worksheet

Human Body Stickers

White Coat (disposable)

ID Badge

Bingo Card


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