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Brain Hat-ter Helmet

Brain Hat-ter Helmet


SIZE SMALL: best for children ages 5-7; head circumference: 50*54 cm
SIZE MEDIUM: best for children ages 8-14; head circumference: 55 * 55.7 cm
INSPIRES: safety, health awareness, and creativity

An award-winning safety helmet that is suitable for children age 5-14. This helmet has a unique design and comes with reusable stickers. It teaches children about the anatomical parts of the human brain and why it’s important to protect it from injuries.

CPSC certified meeting the Public health requirements 
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Brain Hat-Ter Helmet for children offers so much more than protection from head injuries. Children can identify all the functions of the lobes of the human brain by applying the reusable stickers to the colourful, anatomically correct helmet. It reinforces the importance of wearing a bike helmet, helping children understand and appreciate the complexity of the wonderful brain, and why it deserves protection.

This Helmet is CPSC certified
Brain Hat-ter Helmet

2017 Tillywig Award Winner


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Additional information

Weight 0.385554 kg
Dimensions 25.4 × 21.59 × 15.24 cm

Small: Age 5-7, Medium: Age 8-14


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